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I'm Spiritual But Not Religious

There are many people who consider themselves to be “spiritual, but not religious.” They “experience” God in the gentle breeze, the rolling hills, the majestic mountains, and the love of friends and family. They consider themselves to be Christians, in some sense, but want nothing to do with “organized religion.” They want spiritual experiences but they don’t need the church and they don’t want the Bible. And they are the fastest growing “religious” group in our culture.

In our new message series, we’ll explore how some of the basic teachings of Jesus can connect with this modern search for spirituality and draw people into an authentic faith relationship with the God who truly loves them. 

"I'm Overwhelmed!" Dr. Jeff Ebert September 8, 2019
"I'm Ashamed to Ask" Dr. Jeff Ebert September 15. 2019
"I’m On the Outside Looking In" Dr. Jeff Ebert September 22, 2010
"I Don't Even Know What My Problem Really Is" Dr. Jeff Ebert September 29, 2019
"I’m Feeling Trapped" Dr. Jeff Ebert October 6, 2019
"I’m Way Out of Control!" Dr. Jeff Ebert October 13, 2019

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