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There are times in life when we feel stripped of everything. Our own sins and shortcomings entangle us. Unexpected circumstances and situations drag us down. And yet, we are not hopeless. Isaiah 61 gives us God’s vision of hope. Our God gives beauty for ashes, rebuilds ruins, raises us up out of the dust and turns things around giving double honor.

As Easter dawns the sun is rising and a new day is coming. Through Jesus we know that the Kingdom of God is at hand. It's time for God's people to rise up from the ashes. It's time to rise up in the glory of Christ. It's time to leave behind the burden of guilt and shame, and rise up in the freedom of sins forgiven. It's time to rise up with Jesus and be more than conquerors in Christ. It's time to rise up and step into the challenges which our God has given us. It's time to rise up from the ashes and step into the new day of grace through our Lord Jesus Christ. This Lenten season God’s truth will lift you up from the ashes!

2/21 – There’s a Change Comin’!       

Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:16-22

 2/28 – What Can He Do?                    

Isaiah 61:1-3, John 9:1-12, 25

 3/7 – Rebuild What’s Broken               

Isaiah 61:4-5, Mark 4:30

3/14 – Set Apart to Serve   

Isaiah 61:6, John 14:9-14

 3/21 – Time to Party!             

Isaiah 61:7, John 3:27-30

3/28 – The Heart of the Covenant (Palm Sunday)        

Isaiah 6:8, Matthew 21:12-17

 4/4 – Salvation Springs Up [Easter]     

Isaiah 6:9-11, John 2:19

"There’s a Change Comin’!" Dr. Jeff Ebert February 21, 2021
"What Can He Do?" Dr. Jeff Ebert February 28, 2021