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God's Message for Misfits

“Lord, I Need a Miracle!”

How often have you heard those words? How often have you said those words? Sooner or later each of us we will cry out to God for help. But be warned. There are plenty of frauds and hucksters out there promising you the right formula to get the miracle you are looking – more money, bigger house, true love, perfect health. Don’t be fooled.

Jesus used miracles to prove he was God’s Messiah by demonstrating he had the power to back up his words. Yes, Jesus healed, but there were a lot of people he didn’t heal. The purpose of his miracles was to point people to the living God.

This fall our message series will explore 6 amazing encounters with Jesus, and what it means for us to encounter the miraculous Jesus today.

"I'm Overwhelmed!" Dr. Jeff Ebert September 8, 2019
"I'm Ashamed to Ask" Dr. Jeff Ebert September 15. 2019

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