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Online Adult Small Groups

A list of current adult small groups meeting online

Online Men's Groups

Tuesday Night Men's Group 7:30PM 1st and 3rd Tuesdays - virtual

Currently studying Colossians. Contact AJ Rice at arice@pomeroycapital.com for more information and meeting instructions.

Wednesday Morning Men’s Group    7AM - virtual

Currently studying Matthew. Contact Don Williamson for more information and/or a meeting invite at dlwilliamson7@gmail.com

Wednesday Morning Men’s Group    8:30AM - virtual

Studying the book of Zechariah with group-led study/discussion. Contact Mik Williams at mjywilliams@stanfordalumni.org for meeting instructions.

Thursday Morning Men’s Group         7AM - virtual

Studying 1st Corinthians. Will begin 2nd Corinthians in the Spring. Contact Stow Lovejoy at h.stow.lovejoy@gmail.com for meeting instructions.

Prime Time Prayers - Retired Men      7:30AM Thursdays

Sharing weekly devotionals by email until we can meet in person again. Contact Franco Garcia at francogarciajr@gmail.com to get on the mailing list.

Saturday Men’s Group                          7AM - virtual

Currently studying the Minor Prophets. Contact Don Williamson at dlwilliamson7@gmail.com for more information and/or a meeting invitation.

Online Women's Groups

**Women's Ministries, including Tapestry, can add one or more new groups if none of the existing groups meet your needs. Contact Joanne Williamson (joannelasherwilliamson@gmail.com) or Molly Williamson (marynwilliamson@gmail.com) to let us know how we can put you in touch with a group or pair you with another woman as a praying/sharing partner**

Tapestry                                  Various days/time, virtual & hybrid meetings

Tapestry is our longstanding women’s Bible study program with over a dozen small groups meeting at various times. The study this Spring will be 2nd Corinthians. For more information, contact Carol Williamson at lcwilliamson@msn.com.

Mom’s Support Group                           Times TBD - virtual

In this hectic time, keep grounded spiritually with various media and sharing. We will use a texting group, pop up virtual meetings, and referrals to Christian-focused resources. Contact Joanne Williamson at joannelasherwilliamson@gmail.com for more information.

Moms in Prayer – Elementary School   1:30PM, Mondays - virtual

Contact Autumn Hobbs, autumnfhobbs@yahoo.com or Laura Kehoe, lmkehoe@gmail.com for more information.  May adjust time to accommodate schedules.

Moms in Prayer (All Ages)          10AM, Mondays and Tuesdays - virtual

Contact Jane Sheen at janesheen@gmail.com for more information.


Young Adult Women’s Group           7:30PM, Mondays - hybrid

Meets at the Ebert’s home in good weather, via Zoom thereafter. Contact Donna Ebert at donnaaebert@gmail.com for more information.

Bad Girls of the Bible                     7:30PM, 2nd and 4th Tuesdaysvirtual

Studying “Get Out of Your Head” by Jennie Allen. Contact Denise Neuwirth for meeting information at dneuwirthrn@gmail.com.

Ladies Bible Study                     8:30AM, Thursdays - virtual

Currently listening to Tim Keller’s audio series “To Know the Living God”. For more information , contact Judy Campbell at judyglenac@gmail.com.

Third Thursday Circle                             10AM, 3rd Thursdays

Meets every third Thursday. Studying Revelation. Contact Jan Schryer at jmschryer@yahoo.com for more information.

Single Women Connected                    Monthly/Quarterly events

Meets in person and virtually. Contact Janet Essig at jdessig4@gmail.com for information.

Online Groups For All/Sunday School

Tuesday Night Fellowship & Study     7:30PM, Tuesdays - virtual

Studying “Romans - “Encountering the Gospel’s Power” by John Stott. Contact Mary Anne Eggert at maeggert80@optonline.net for more information or Judy Evans at jevans703@yahoo.com for a Zoom invitation.

Movie Night                                             7:30PM, Fridays - virtual

Watch a selected movie, always available for free streaming online – and discuss spiritual themes with a group. We will continue our summer focus on racial justice and reconciliation through October. Contact Molly Williamson at marynwilliamson@gmail.com for movie and meeting information.

Adult Sunday School                              9:30AM, Sundays - virtual

Currently studying Exodus. Meets in two different groups. Contact Molly Williamson (marynwilliamson@gmail.com) or Rich Boorujy (rlboo@comcast.net) for more information.

Prayer Group for                                    10:35AM, Sundays - virtual

Leadership Succession

Join us to pray for the work of the Pastor Nominating Committee and the next steps for NPPC’s current and future pastors and staff. All are welcome. Contact Joanne Williamson at joannelasherwilliamson@gmail.com for more information.

Streams                                                    11AM, Sundays - virtual

 Currently studying the Prayer Filled Life stream, using the online "The Prayer Course" videos with Pete Greig and his book "How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People." Contact Stow Lovejoy at h.stow.lovejoy@gmail.com for more information.

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